January 2018

My Days as a Spy

Wing Commander Steve Griffiths MBE MBA RAF (Ret’d)

Steve talks about his selection, his unit, his training, equipment and his colleagues in espionage. He then takes the audience on a typical spying mission to give a flavour of this covert, exciting, often very dangerous, but ultimately rewarding existence.

Steve retired in 2011 as a Vulcan captain and display pilot. He also worked in the Ministry of Defence and in NATO.  In the early 1980s he spent three years behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany on espionage duties for which he was awarded an MBE.

16th Jan

Galapagos – Timeless and Fearless

Santiago Bejarano

The only place on earth where you can see marine iguanas and bump into a flamingo and a penguin in their natural habitat on the same day.

Santiago first worked in the Galapagos – a group of 13 volcanic islands lying in the Pacific Ocean 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador – in 1992.  Since then he has shown this eden-like outpost to many famous guests.

Santiago gives a personal account of his time in the Islands, his passion for their unique wildlife, enhanced with beautiful photography.

23rd Jan

The Gilded Stage  -  A Social history of Opera

Daniel Snowman

Daniel Snowman invites us to look at opera from the perspective of the ‘demand’ as well as the ‘supply’, the consumption as well as the production: the opera houses, impresarios, monarchs, money makers, artists and audiences as well as the great works and the people who created them.

Daniel Snowman is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Historical Research  His recent books include a study of the cultural impact of the ‘Hitler Emigrés’ and The Gilded Stage: A Social History of Opera.

30th Jan

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