November 2016

A suffragette in the family

Peter Barratt

Peter is an entertaining, enthusiastic and informative speaker who gives illustrated talks and lectures on the life of his suffragette great-grandmother Alice Hawkins, who campaigned for women’s rights one hundred years ago.

Asked by chance some ten years ago to speak to a local society, Peter has since spoken to women’s groups, societies and schools across the country on numerous occasions and has become a much sought after speaker.

1st Nov

Knights Templar

Canon Dr Anne Davison

A Visiting Lecturer at various universities and the author of several books, Anne has had a life-long interest in history and the religions of the world.

In the 11th century the Templars were probably the most wealthy and most powerful organisation in Western Europe. Two hundred years later they were brutally suppressed by the King of France and the Papacy. In her talk, Anne explores this captivating story.

8th Nov

The life and times of Casanova

Jim Williams

Internationally renowned novelist and speaker Jim Williams’ lecture follows the extraordinary career of Giacomo Casanova, the great lover and adventurer, whose wit, intelligence and daring made him famous in 18th century Europe.

Featuring a host of outrageous characters including a lecherous cardinal, and a cross-dressing French diplomat, Jim vividly describes the world in which Casanova lived.

15th Nov

Montserrat - Reclaiming Paradise

David Edwards

Highly experienced expedition leader and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, David witnessed the volcanic eruptions that changed Montserrat’s destiny.

With the population having lost two thirds of its land area, David explores the impact on the lives of Montserratians and the adaptations they are having to make, revealing what it is like to live on the new Montserrat.

22nd Nov

Step into the Christmas Card

Caroline Holmes

International lecturer, author and consultant designer, Caroline leads us through 150 years of Christmas Card design. Variously adorned with everything from the stereotypical nativity scene through to holly, hosiery and a rotund Santa Claus, these cards are packed with artistic, historical and symbolic references.

Whether sacred or profane, tasty, tasteful or tasteless, Caroline reveals the underlying social, political and religious messages hidden in plain sight.

29th Nov

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