October 2016

Jaguar heritage - 1922 to 2016

Nigel Thorley

Nigel has owned over 60 Jaguars and Daimlers, writing his first book about the subject in 1983. Some 25 titles later, his passion for the brand remains undiminished.

A founder and Director of the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club, Nigel writes for various publications and has appeared in numerous TV programmes. His talk will chart the rise of the Jaguar motor company from its inception as the Swallow Sidecar Company in Blackpool to its present day ownership.

11th Oct

Gruelling Experiences

Peter Higginbotham

Researching his family history Peter discovered that his great-great-grandfather had died in a workhouse infirmary. Gripped by the subject, Peter’s highly regarded research continues to flourish both in print and online.

A frequent contributor to magazines, radio and TV programmes, Peter has been awarded the Society of Genealogists’ prestigious Certificate of Recognition for his exceptional work.

18th Oct

Three wild camel surveys in the Gobi desert

John Hare

Twenty years ago, John Hare became the first foreigner to cross the Gashun Gobi Desert from north to south. Further expeditions would reveal ancient cities, unmapped valleys, endangered wildlife and illegal mining. The results of his remarkable survey led to establishment of the Lop Nur Wild Camel National Nature Reserve. John’s talk covers the 1999, 2005 and 2011 expeditions in detail with over 60 extraordinary photos.

25th Oct

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